About Us

The first recorded gardens in Western Canada were started by fur-traders and their families residing in the proximity of the Hudson Bay Company outpost in 1674. Larger gardens (2 acres)were then planted for fort use at York Factory and Fort Churchill in 1730.

Gardening in Saskatchewan made its first appearance at Fort a La Corne situated on the south bank of the Saskatchewan River near Melfort late 1700 to early 1800. Missionaries established gardens on the first Indian missions in 1845. Staple vegetables that were commonly grown were; turnips, carrots parsnips and potatoes.The North West Mounted Police outposts also grew vegetables as a means to support the meager ration supplied. Settlers new to the praries grew large gardens as a means of subsistence as no fresh produce was available locally. More ardent gardeners practiced cross-breeding methods of semi-hardy varieties to obtain hardy varieties for their locale. Thus began the organized garden clubs, and the formation of “Societies”..

The Saskatoon Horticultural Society was formed in the spring (May) of 1913. It was then known as The Saskatchewan Horticultural and Forestery Association. The first show was held in a large tent in the City Hall square in the summer of 1913. Prizes awarded were in the form of diplomas and ribbons. Saskatoon became a charter member in 1928 with a formal constitution being drawn up.

Our Society continued with an annual show since 1913. We as a Society have continued with a long-running Garden Bus Tour, to show Saskatoons’ best gardens each year, and award the coveted Chrones Trophy for the best yard of the year and now the Home Grounds Award. Garden plant yard sales, Passport garden tours and various horticultural related educational sessions are available through out the year for members and non members alike.

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