The Butterfield Scholarship

Awarded by the Saskatoon Horticultural Society

          The Saskatoon Horticultural Society (SHS) invites applications from future Masters Gardeners for scholarship funding to complete their University of Saskatchewan Master Gardener or Prairie Master Gardener programs. These scholarships will be awarded annually. Funds will be distributed to the successful applicants(s) in the form of reimbursement of the initial registration fee and each of the 7 core workshops as they are completed. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

          1.   The individual(s) must be an enthusiastic gardener willing to share their time and garden knowledge with others.

          2. The successful applicant(s) must be members of a Saskatchewan Horticultural Society in good standing and willing to serve 20 volunteer hours in providing assistance as requested on various projects that are done within the Society that they are a member of.

          3. To be eligible for reimbursement under this scholarship, successful applicants must complete the Master Gardener workshops, of either program, within 4 years of the starting date. The first reimbursement will be given when the applicant(s) have completed 4 core courses, the second reimbursement will be given when the applicant(s) have completed the last 3 core courses plus have successful completed the take home exam of either program

          4. Official receipts issued by the respective programs for Home Study and workshops only must be submitted to the SHS. The official receipts will be returned to the participant(s) with the cheque.

          5. Each awarded scholarship will be a maximum of $600.00.

          6. Applications must be received by March 31st and/or August 31st of each year. To apply for this scholarship please fill out the following application. Write a paper about 300 words on one of the topics listed on the last page of this application. Any applicant may contact the President or any other Director for further directions or information. Applications should be mailed to:

                   Saskatoon Horticultural Society

                   Box 161 \Saskatoon, Saskatchewan    S7K 3K4

Current or Past Directors of the SHS are not excluded from applying for the scholarship and will be subjected to the same guidelines as all participants.

          7. Applicants who were not awarded a scholarship in April may reapply to be considered in October of each year. One or two scholarships will be awarded each year.

          The Award Committee will consist of 3 to 4 Directors and or Members at Large who will be responsible for the administration of the Butterfield Scholarship and for the final selection of the award winners. Their decision is final.

          The Butterfield Scholarship will be publicized annually. The coverage will include the SHS website, e-mail, Member Newsletter, The Gardener for the Prairies, the Master Gardener Newsletter and all SHS events and media coverage.

          The Butterfield Scholarship Award records will be kept by the Scholarship Committee and the SHS Treasurer.

February 2012